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Sleep - Dream - Overthinking - Nightmare problems
Obesity - Underweight - Bodyshame Problems
Depression - Stress - Anxiety - OCD problems
Sexual thoughts - Sexual organs - Sex life related problems
Cosmetic - Diabetic - Physical pain problems
Ayurvedic medicine for Psychology and Sexology
Dream analysis

Counselling, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy (C.B.T., R.E.B.T., postodernist), Ayurvedic Medicine and Life motivativing counselling.

Sleep and Dream

Sleep analysis and Counselling, Sleep therapy, Ayurvedic medicine for sleep problems. Analysing Psychology behind dreams and nightmare.


Psycho-sexual counselling, Sex education, Counselling on sexual probles, Ayurvedic medicines on sexual problems.

Lifestyle management

lifestyle and diet counselling, Obesity and diabetic ayurvedic medicine and counselling, life problem management.

Our top rancking courses

Our process of making best personality.
  • 1. Mind reading course

    Read anyones psychology

  • 2. Counselling psychology course

    Convince anyone, anytime with your counselling skill.

  • 3. Brain training course

    Brain maping and self management training course

  • 4. Memory training

    Improving short term - long term memory and Recall capasity of brain.




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    A creative doctor that believes in the power of creative treatment and creative solutions.

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    Clinic owner.

    BAMS, PGD-CP, Spc. P. Psych.

    Dr. Naeem Shaikh
    Psychologist and Sexologist





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