Free career counselling test

Get free online Career counselling test, In just 3 simple test. 


This is not a test – it’s just for your own information – but it is based on wonderful studies done by many wise people about how we learn and why it is really great to know our own preferences; each one of us is unique and our preferences help us understand our special ways of learning and knowing.

Steps -

1. solve all 8 parts of checkbox questions. Check any items that seem to apply to you. You may check as many as you like.
2. Submit it every time.
3. After submitting all 3 sections of career counselling test. Send your Name, Age, Locality on Animo mind clinic's whatsapp number.

Then our Psychologist's team review your test and gives result of your test within 3 working days on your whatsapp.

Result -

List of your abilities.
Nature of your brain power.
List of career, suitable for your personalities.

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