12 interesting facts about sleep and dreams.

There are many interesting facts about sleep and dreams, some of which you may not have heard before.

1. We spend an average of 25 years in bed -

Of course, this one might not apply to those who suffer from sleep problems. But, we spend about a one third of our life in bed… So, make sure your bed is comfortable and soft.

2. blind people dream in sound -

 the experience of those people born blind is little different. Their dreams consist mainly of sounds, but also of smells and emotions.

3. Parasomnia shows abnormal behavior during sleep -

Parasomnia is a disorder that shows abnormal behavior when a person is asleep. These include: sleeping, eating or driving a car, etc.

4. It is a myth that we should not wake up in a sleep state -

About 15% of the population is a sleep driver. Waking up suddenly is not a good feeling, but it is not likely to be dangerous.

5. Dangerous for health -

Most of us believe that sleep apnea can lead to a heart attack or coma. Loss of sleep is more dangerous than food deprivation. The longest recorded duration without sleep is 11 days. However, it is extremely dangerous not to sleep for more than a few days. It can also cause delusions, weight gain, weakened immune system, decrease pain tolerance, and even death.

7. Memories -

struggled to remember a dream? You're not alone. You forget 50% of your dream in 5 minutes. For this reason, many of us keep dream journals as a way to remember. Also, you often dream without remembering anything.

8. Sleep and pregnancy -

Ideal sleeping position when pregnant is on your side. Sleeping during pregnancy can be difficult. But, the right position is on your side which is the safest for mother and baby. It's also important to avoid sleeping on your back in your second trimester

9. Natural alarm clock -

Ever wondered how people wake up without the aid of alarms? Knocker upper was the original alarm clock. During industrial Britain and in some area, until the 1970s many workers were awakened by the sound of tapping on their windows from outside by a big stick,
known as a Knocker upper. who will make sure they work on time!

10. People can wake up in their dreams -

Here is one of the most interesting fact about dreams. People are aware that they are watching Lucid dreams and sometimes they can control what they dream about.

11. Weight loss treatment -

Sleep helps reduce weight. If you are looking to change a few pounds, then it is important to get a decent amount of sleep (ideally for 7 to 9 hours) in terms of diet and exercise. Plus, there are many foods you should avoid before going to bed!

12. Color dreams -

Prior to color television, only 5 %of people saw dreams in color. Today, 75% of us dream in colors.

Technology has been one of the biggest reasons for the lack of sleep in recent years. Sleep has some secrets of its own. Most people do not know what happens when they close their eyes.