Break-ups can be disastrous at times. By sharing every part of your life with someone, talking to them through phone or message, our life gets renewed, we start living again with new hope. But many times, such a relationship can lead to human depression. In some cases, people may get very badly caught in depression. Someone gives birth to a mood or mood disorder that they themselves cannot understand what they are doing under the influence of that disorder. This may cause many people to face serious selections.

1)  Depression or sadness -

You know the difference between depression and sadness. It is normal for crying, loss of sleep, anger and loss of interest from temporary anxiety on the day of breakup or end of any relationship. This is all part of the brain's process of healing. Which we also call the time emerging from the bad times of the mind.
But Depression is quite different from these symptoms. Such as -
Serious changes in eating or sleeping habits
Often feeling useless, empty or hopeless
Unbearable, relentless emotional pain
Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
Failure to clean your living space and manage basic hygiene
Thinking about death, or hurting oneself

The more symptoms you see in these symptoms, the higher your depression will be. (High level - Depression cervical)

2) Look at your symptoms -

If you suspect that you may have depression or some other mental discomfort, then at such a time you should take some time to focus on yourself and your symptoms. What you are doing or what symptoms you are showing should be written in a copy, computer or notebook. And after writing it review and rate it.
Eg - fatigue - low problematic, sleepiness - moderate (Moderate), irritability - highly problematic
Try to write down basic emotions, such as "I felt frustrated all morning" or "I tried to have fun, but was mostly listless and tired." No need to worry too much.
Try to write down what you did, like "I watched movies all evening and cried a lot" or "I stayed in bed for 3 hours in the morning because I had no energy."

3) Choose the right doctor -

If the above symptoms appear in you, then you should go to a counsellor and tell about your problems. Even if you go to the Counsellor two or three times, your discomfort is not reduced. Then you should go to a psychotherapist. In such times, Ayurvedic medicines and exercise - Yoga (Pranayama) can help you more. But even after doing all these, you have not been able to overcome depression, your symptoms have not decreased by more than 40%, and the time has been more than three months, then you should take Allopathy medicines.
But while taking such medicines, know how long those medicines will have to be taken, how to quit and in which ways you will not have any adverse effect on the medicines. After getting complete information, you should take any allopathy medicines.
Because like the rest of the body, the brain can also be sick and its treatment is quite simple. But by taking these medicines in the wrong ways, at the wrong time and at wrong intervals, you become dependent on these medicines, you become addicted. Along with this, the side effects of medicines and the effects are also terrible. Withdrawal symptoms also give more trouble.

Whether or not to eat modern medicines.

4) Hazard Identities -

If you find yourself in any danger, then tell your family or your friends about it. If you cannot talk to anyone, then you meet with a doctor. With their help, get yourself out of dangers.
What can be the symptoms of danger?
To feel the great sadness and death again and again.
Feeling better to die.
Try to die
Become panic.
Frequent panic attacks.
If you are given medicines at such a time, then it is worth taking. By taking medicines that take you out of danger, you can leave them out of danger.