5 ways to improve relationships.

Man is a social animal. We have many relations since we are born, such as Parents, friends, cousins, etc. We experience happiness as well as sadness. These relations are the pillars of our lives. We receive and give emotions, support, feelings, to each other. We have to maintain such relationships. But we often have to face problems while maintaining these relationships.
In such a condition, you may not know how to improvise your new or existing relationships. To improve your relationship, all you have to do is follow the following 5 rules.

1) Ask personal questions -
Asking personal questions creates a personal connection. This makes others feel that you are seriously interested in them and would like to know more about them. This makes others feel that you care and have concern for them. Gradually, people open up to you and become comfortable with you.

2) Appreciation -
Appreciation is one important need for human beings. Appreciation makes other people feel respected and valued. It motivates and encourages them. When you appreciate someone, they respect you more and look at you as an observant and thoughtful person.

3) Listening -
Listening is different from hearing. Listening means to give full attention to someone. Listening to people makes them feel attended, valued and cared. It makes others feel that you understand them. It helps in sharing deep inner feelings. When you listen, you give a response and not reaction. Listening helps in empathizing others.

4) Quality time -
Relations develop by spending quality time means by paying attention to each other. You must not only be physically but also mentally present at that time. This makes people and your dear ones feel affectionate, valued and cared. This makes them feel that you really care for them and helps to disclose hidden fears, worries, and other feelings. Thus helps to better understand each other. E.g: Keeping aside your phones, laptops, television while being in the company of dear ones.

5) Understanding and compassionate -
Understanding your partner in every situation makes them feel close to you. By doing this you can help him/her in a proper way. Compassion is feeling and showing kindness towards each other. e.g. helping your partner in household work. Help partner in need without expecting materialistic gain.
By doing so, your partner respects you. You should also respect your partner. Only then your relationship will become stronger.