5 ways to avoid loneliness in depression


1) Reach loved ones -

Spend a lot of time with your friends and family during depression. When you come into depression due to break-up or any other reason. your loved one like your family or your friends will become your support system. Spend time with your best friend, Meet old relatives and old friends, and cherish your memories of that time. Make the time spent with them fun.
Tell your loved ones what you are going through. It is hard to say, but it will help you. Like "I had a breakup and I am now irritating someone to get out of it."

2) Get Social -

If possible, socialize part of your daily schedule. It is easy to fall into the trap of loneliness during an episode of depression. It is important that you keep reaching people, so that you do not start spending most of your day or week alone.
Try to spend at least half an hour with your loved ones every day on quality time.

3) Express your feelings -

Express your feelings or tell your people. Be honest about your feelings and tell people, which also shows them how to respond. Do not rely on subtext or signal. Tell people how you are feeling. Don't think about what people will say about you. for example -
"I'm feeling tired today."
"Right now, I just want to take some rest, like watching a movie together."
"I'm tired? Can we talk in the morning?"
"I feel better today. I think it would be fun to go out. Can you walk with me?"
"I feel a little unsteady and nervous."
"I don't have the energy to go out. Will you walk if I don't come today?"

4) Tell people about helping -

Tell people how they can help you, especially if they are confused. Most people want to help you, but they don't know how they can do it. They may not understand what you want. The best thing you can do is tell me how to help you. Here are some examples:
"I really feel lonely today. Should be doing something fun."
"I just need someone to listen to me and be with me."
"Hug me."
"I feel lonely, and I want someone to be with me. Will you be with me?"

5) Talk to your loyal people -

Find people you trust. It is difficult to cope with difficult feelings, and when you do it alone it is even more difficult. Find a good listener, and ask them if this is a good time to talk about things, because going outside can help you a lot. If they have time, talk to them and get their feelings out