8 ways to handle your feelings after breakup


 1) Recognize your feelings -

If you are in depression then its symptoms are different from sadness. In the same way, the feelings of sadness and depression are also different. The feelings that come up during depression last for a long time. Recognize that it will take time to process your feelings. Especially if your relationship was long-term, then coming out of those feelings would be difficult and perhaps a long process. Identify your symptoms and give yourself time to come out of it, as much as is needed.

Some people believe that it takes about half the time it took to emerge from a breakup. For example, if your relationship lasts for 6 months, then you may need 3 months to fully recover. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so you may take a little longer or less.

2) Don't run away from your feelings -

Give yourself space and time to feel your difficult feelings. It is normal for people to feel anger, frustration, sadness, fear and all kinds of emotions after a bad relationship. Some of them may be related to your ex. Let yourself cry and be upset to some extent. It is not wrong to grieve over a lost relationship. Because many times we run away from emotions or by suppressing them we make the disease bigger.

Keep in mind that feelings only have to be felt, do not be lost in them. Do not take any wrong step by immersing in feelings. Just feel the emotions.

3) Remove any irritation in the relationship -

Do not keep any reminders of your past relationship with you. Collect everything that reminds you of your former relationship and put them in a box. Then keep the box out of sight, such as in a corner of the closet or under your bed. But don't throw them all away. You might regret it later.

If you want to open that box before time, then write a note on that box and paste it. Such as - Do not open for three months.

4)  Express feeling -

Find different ways to get your emotions out. So that your feelings are not buried in your heart. It is more important to get them out. For this, you can use these things.

Art - Express yourself using art: painting, music, drawings, writing, etc.

Crying - Take your feelings out by telling your story to someone. You can cry during this time.

Write on a paper -You should write your feelings somewhere. Later tear it or keep it, your wish.

Take out the feelings -

  • Tearing or cutting papers.
  • To tear the pillow.
  • Breaking ice cubes in the bathtub.

5) Try to get a new pun -

Do not be busy with your hobbies, try to find new ones too. It helps to find new ways to be productive and creative. Try to do such a thing that you have ever wanted to do, but for some reason, you could not.

Example - When you were younger, have you ever wanted to try, but you couldn't? Try it now!

6) Understand what you want -

If you think that time itself fixes everything, if that's why you are not doing anything yourself, then stop yourself. Ask yourself "what will help me feel better?" Think about what you can do now. Which will make this difficult situation a little easier. Maybe things can be improved a little like -

  • Call a friend and spend time with them
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Playing with your pet.
  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • To hug someone
  • Doing something else that feels right now

7) Always go-ahead -

Time does not stop for anyone. If we stop, then we will be at a loss. Doing this does not make any hassle. After all, you have to accept that the relationship is over and be able to plan a future that does not include your past. And that should be your goal. Always remember this. Moving forward in life brings you out of this bad time.

8) Do not mind failures -

When you try to get out of this time, there are many failures, but this does not make them permanent. You can get better in a while, and then suddenly feel a little worse. This does not mean that you will not recover. You can find yourself once or twice a week or once again in the path of your success.