5 ways to handle your health during the post-breakup depression phase.

When you decide to come out of depression, you will try by yourself or you will get treatment for it. During this time you should take care of your health. If you are healthy, Then you will be able to come out of depression soon. For this, you will have to -

1) Create a regular schedule -

Try to keep a regular schedule as much as possible. It is difficult at first. Sometimes you may have to force yourself to eat regular meals and sleep regularly. It will also take time, so be patient with yourself.
You may need to work hard for some time. It is difficult, but not impossible.

2) Focus on small Achievements -

We have to find different ways to be a little healthier. When you have depression, trying to keep yourself healthy is difficult to achieve. In such a situation, something is better than nothing. Find small ways to take care of yourself, and then appreciate yourself.
Like, if cooking is difficult in depression, try to eat a healthy snack like apples or oats. You can also keep dry fruits on your desk.
Do mini exercises, such as leg lifting exercises while watching TV, or five pounds of weight lifting exercise while lying in bed.

3) Maintain Hygiene -

Work on basic hygiene, like brushing your teeth, bathing and wearing clean clothes. Although, they are very important for your health, many times people do not want to do this in depression. This might cause other health problems.
Try to brush your teeth at least once a day. If you can't, Simply brush your teeth without toothpaste. Taking a bath once a day, wearing good clothes can make you feel healthy. If you can't change clothes, at least change your pajamas and your underwear every day.

4) Stay away from any harmful substances -

Sometimes, when people are afflicted, they are lured to use alcohol, use drugs, nicotine, Panmasala or tobacco addicted. It can harm your body and make your situation worse. By consuming them you can lose your health. These concerns make you even more depressed. Using them, you invite other psychiatric diseases also.

5) Do basic tasks, or ask for help -

Do not be afraid to ask for help to take care of yourself and for other basic tasks. Depression makes it difficult to do a simple task. But you stay focused on them. Sometimes, having another person there with you can help a lot. You can ask for help with some sanitation and hygiene tasks.
E.g. –
"I'm tired, and I'm having a hard time cleaning my house. Will you please come upstairs and help me? "